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LGBTQ+ Clients Helpful Info

As an openly gay man who grew up in the Hudson Valley, and a Realtor who actively works with other members in the LGBTQ+ community, I get tons of questions during new buyer or seller consultations about being gay and living in the Hudson Valley.

In this space, I am simply going to give the general advice I tend to give to my clients when they ask about moving here. 

Definitely do your research on the towns and cities in the Hudson Valley to find out any information you can. Google is your friend, and you can find places that have LGBTQ+ friendly businesses and local places that actively market in an inclusive way . Note here - as always, take what people say on the internet with a grain of salt. People's biases can sway the way think about communities and, as we all know, people tend to liberally say whatever they want on the internet with no recourse.

Check out some of the local LGBTQ Centers that we have here in the Hudson Valley, there are quite a few scattered around the valley, and they can be amazing resources for us queer folk. Lucky for you, I've got a list prepared:


Now, these are just places with physical locations in the Hudson Valley - they put on lots of events, have resources, things like that. Even if a town doesn't have an LGBTQ+ Center in the Hudson Valley, that doesn't mean they aren't a gay friendly town. For example, Beacon doesn't have a dedicated LGBTQ+ center, but there are gay-friendly bars and shops all around, Happy Valley Arcade Bar has a drag show every month, as well as the Roosevelt Bar. Check social media as well to do some research - lots of towns have their own LGBTQ+ groups on Facebook as an example!

If you're able to - take a drive/walk through some of the neighborhoods/towns/cities that you're interested in - stop by some of the local shops and restaurants to get a good vibe of where you plan to move to! 

I would also suggest attending some events that are put on by LGBTQ+ organizations in the Hudson Valley, like the ones by the centers listed but there are also other organizations like Big Gay Hudson Valley and Out Loud Hudson Valley. There you'll be able to talk to the locals and that will help you with your search immensely.

As Realtors - we are not allowed to do anything or talk about anything that would steer anyone to live in or away from certain areas because we think they would or wouldn't "fit" in that place. This page is not intended for that, it is here to help members of the LGBTQ+ find out information on their own and make their own informed decisions on where to call home. 

At Ally Realty - we want our clients to not only love their homes, we want them to feel loved in them as well.

We're always here if you have any questions, just give us a call at 914-494-0141.

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