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Hi!  I'm Anthony Ruperto (but you can call me Tony), a licensed Realtor who was born and raised in Westchester County, NY.  Since graduating from the State University of New York at Oneonta in 2014 (with a brief stint of moving to Italy for a few months for my quarter-life crisis) I have been helping buyers and sellers accomplish their dreams of selling and/or finding a new home. In 2021 I created The Ally Team which then launched to become the full fledged Ally Realty that exists today where I am Broker/Owner.

Ally Realty's mission is to surround our clients with a team of caring, capable and creative people to help guide them through every step of the home buying and selling process. We aim to advocate for and provide supportive services to clients who are looking not only to love their new homes but feel loved in them.

Our coverage areas include Westchester, Putnam, Orange, Rockland, Dutchess, and Ulster Counties. I was born and raised in the Hudson Valley, and my team comprises of other lifelong natives of the Hudson Valley as well as some newer residents! We all share a common goal of creating an inclusive, creative and professional environment for our clientele and I would say we've been pretty successful at that so far. 

If you're thinking of making the move, give me a call or text at 914-494-0141 or an email at  I won't put any pressure on you to make the move until you are ready.  See what some of my past clients have had to say about me below!

My Philosophy

On a personal level, the values that I strive for every day are the ones that promote self love, acceptance of others, and equal opportunity for everyone.  While progress has been achieved in the past decades, real estate is still an industry that is plagued by economic inequality, racism, and predatory practices against marginalized groups of people. The process of becoming a homeowner is not an easy one, and there still exist systematic roadblocks that inhibit the building of generational wealth.

As a Realtor, I see it as my job to help correct the issues that I can in my own business and strive to create change on a local and national level. I am an active participant at my local Realtor Association (Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors), which is a membership of over 13,000 real estate agents in the Hudson Valley area. There, I serve as a member of the Board of Directors as well as chair of the new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee that I helped create through a task force in 2020. I also serve on the Fair Housing Committee and Legislative Committee, and am an alumni of the first Leadership Accelerator Program at HGAR. I try to apply the values and philosophy that I hold in these leadership positions while addressing the struggles that people face in the real estate community with my fellow leaders.

As Broker/Owner of Ally Realty I now have a new position of leadership in the industry to set standards for how we can strive to better our field every day. One example is the adopted practice that at Ally Realty - no names of clients will be disclosed on purchase offers or pre approvals for buyer clients nor will they be disclosed to seller clients. Our names and the names of people we buy homes with can disclose information about us an open up possibilities to discrimination - removing that possibility together will help ensure an equal playing field for all clients.

Homeownership is an amazing dream for some people, and I do my best to help make it a reality for everyone.


Tony Ruperto helped us navigate through the extremely competitive seller's market. When we were discouraged by how quickly homes were being snatched up, Tony was there to keep us positive and promised us that we would end up with something better - which ended up being true! Tony took the time to get to know us and what we're looking for and invested in and was always professional and honest. Tony is easy to get in touch with at all times, is knowledgeable in his area, will go to bat for you and is beyond patient and understanding. We have unpredictable work schedules and Tony didn't treat it as an obstacle and always worked with us. He really became more than just a real estate agent to us, and it was a pleasure having him guide and join us on our journey. It felt like hanging out with a friend and looking at houses together. Who knew the downside to finding our dream home would be that we wouldn't get to hang out with him anymore! Tony really strikes a balance between personable and professional and we could not have been more lucky to have him by our side through this.


Anthony Ruperto and Thomas Ricapito sold my home in a week with 7 offers to choose from, 3 over asking! He and Tom have a excellent marketing plan that works. This marketing plan not only sold my home quickly but actually got my husband and I to interview them as agents when we were reluctant to do so.   How could I not be happy about my decision to go with Tom and Tony? The extra money we made over the asking price covered the commission and gave us some extra capital for a new home to boot! 


Anthony was the best Realtor I ever dealt with, and I've purchased now 4 homes. He was very attentive to me & my husbands wants and needs in a house. He worked with us on the weekend and lined up a number of properties for us to view, and he kept at it until we found our dream home. About 3 weeks into the process we found our home. We encountered many rough patches along the way between our lender and attorney, but Anthony was always there to keep pushing everyone along. He went above and beyond what any other realtor would have done. In fact I consider him to be a new found friend and we plan to invite him over in the summer. I highly recommend him and wouldn't hesitate to use him in the future. 3 CHEERS TO ANTHONY RUPERTO


From the very beginning of our home buying process Tony was with us 100%. He took time to get to know myself and my fiancé, what we were looking for in a home, and what was most important to us. Tony answered all our questions quickly and took the time to explain the complicated ins and outs of the process. Tony helped us navigate the market during an incredibly busy time, helping us to see houses quickly before they were gone. He was incredibly flexible in accommodating our work schedules to make sure we saw properties we wanted to see. Being first time home buyers is overwhelming. Making such big decisions, in short periods of time with how fast the market was moving, but Tony was very comforting in talking us through the pros and cons of different properties, and pointing out things that we would never had noticed with our inexperience. Tony stood with us through negotiations, navigating through the nitty-gritty parts of the process, and continues to offer help and support when needed after we closed and moved in. We are incredibly grateful to have had Tony through this process and will happily recommend him to any future home buyers!


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