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Hudson Valley Summer Camp Planning

While the weather is sure took its time to get here this year, it’s that time again to start thinking about Summer camps for your kids and which ones are the best deal for you! From walking the tightrope to baking a croissant, there is no limit to the different types of camps available to your child. There are a plethora of different options to take into account when selecting a Summer Camp, so I’ll do my best to share the most with you!

If you’re looking in Westchester county, here are a few camps to consider (other counties further down):

Westchester Circus Arts – Katonah

If your kids dream of running away to join the circus, to perform death-defying tricks, indulge them at the Camp at Westchester Circus Arts for aspiring acrobats (ages 6-18). The camp takes place inside an actual circus tent at the Harvey School in Katonah. The day starts with a warmup, then moves onto learning skills in a small group, and is followed by “troupe time” which trains them in large group activities. During the second week, “electives” are available. Similar to college electives, campers get to select which skill they want to work on and get to focus on that for a week.

Session, transportation, pricing and more information is located here on their website.

Mount Tom Day Camp Challenge Program – New Rochelle

Ever wanted to send your child skydiving? Free climbing up Mount Everest? What about paragliding through the Rockies? No? I don’t blame you. However, if your child enjoys the adrenaline rush, and you want them to be safe at the same time, this is the camp for you. The “Challenge” is a fantastic program to help children try new things, overcome fears and take healthy risks, all while having fun! They have the “high elements” which are more difficult like zip lining, high rock wall climbing, “flying squirrel”, two line bridge, and more. There are also the “low elements” which are a bit easier, such as the mini zip line, bouldering wall, spider web, fidget ladders, and cooperative and trust games.

To find out what all of those things are, along with more information on dates and pricing, click here to check out their website.

Mohawk Day Camp’s Farm Program – White Plains

Does your kid love playing with kids? Get it? Kid, like the baby goat? Puns aside, if so, they would love the Farm Program at Mohawk Day Camp. However, if nature and animals aren’t their forte, they can check out any of the numerous other programs that Mohawk offers, such as Digital Arts, where they can learn all about technology and web design. Love swimming? They offer an aquatic program as well! From the theatrical arts to the “Mohawk Mining Company” where kids can sift through the sand to find treasure, this camp really has everything to offer.

To see all of the programs they offer as well as pricing, transport and dates, click here!

Squire Camps Wellness Units – Hartsdale

Is mental health equally important as physical health to you and your child? Want them to not only master the art of throwing a ball but also master the chi within themselves? Then Squire Camps Wellness Units is right for you. In addition to classic fitness sports such as soccer, swimming and tennis, your kids can also learn archery, pottery and sculpture, archaeology, and martial arts! They even offer some interesting niche classes such as Cake Boss, Video Game Design, Yoga and Dance, International Cooking and Lego Design and Games. Needless to say, your child will not be bored for a moment at this camp!

For info on all of the different programs they have to offer and more, click here to go to their website.

KJK Productions Day Camp – Yorktown Heights

Do you have a future Broadway star in the making? The next Idina Menzel or Johnathan Groff? Or just a child that enjoys expressing themselves through the theatrical arts? Then KJK is the absolute perfect spot for them this summer. During the day, kids rehearse for the shows that they’re in, learning songs, lines and staging, as well as doing workshops, where they can refine specific acting/singing/dancing skills. The shows are split up by age group and this summer KJK is putting on the following shows: Aladdin Jr, School of Rock the Musical, Shrek the Musical Jr, Mamma Mia, and Chicago High School Edition.

Click here to see more about them!

Now let’s move a bit more north to Putnam and Dutchess Counties

Kiwi Country Day Camp – Carmel

Are you tired of your child kicking the soccer ball around the house all day, coming inches from breaking that precious piece of decoration that you have no idea where you got? Are they climbing all over your furniture like a rock wall? Singing too loudly in their rooms as if they were auditioning for American Idol? Whatever their interests are, let them hone their skills at Kiwi Country Day Camp where this expansive property can offer it all.

For more info check out their website which you can find here!

Putnam Valley Day Camp – Putnam Valley

Looking for something that is a bit less intensive and offers more of your basic summer camp needs? Look no further than Putnam Valley Day Camp! This day camp is much more straightforward, providing set tasks each day for your child to enjoy. From fun adventures to Playland Park and Splashdown Beach to Spirit Week where you are separated into teams and compete for the most points, this camp truly gives off those classic Summer vibes.

For more information and registration, click here!

Camp Hillcroft – LaGrangeville

Do you have a nature lover in your midst? Well then, this camp set on a huge 165 acre property is exactly what they’re looking for this Summer. From their website “Hillcroft has been a caring and nurturing family-run camp where children “learn by doing”. The name Hillcroft comes from hill or high location and croft, the English word for working farm. In directing Hillcroft, we strive to continue the perfect balance of our goal: personal growth, fostering independence and self esteem, and unlocking your child’s potential for the love of learning.” Your child can participate in activities ranging from creative arts, theatre and dance to outdoor adventure, swimming and a full sports program.

For more information on all of these things and more, check out their website here!

That’s all the time I have for now! If none of these pique your interest, you can always reach out to me for some more information and I would be just happy to help. As a Realtor, it’s my job to be up to date about any happenings in the area, and I’m here to help you.

Wishing you the best,

Anthony Ruperto

J Philip Real Estate

914.494.0141 |

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