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Are you looking to sell your Hudson Valley home and not sure what you can get for it? I provide free home valuations on this website to all homeowners. These reports are not computer generated, I take the time to go through each one individually to give you a valuation.

If you want to know how much your Hudson Valley home is worth, then click below!

Are you looking to buy a home in the Hudson Valley? Do you need to find a Realtor in the Hudson Valley? Want to just peruse around and look at some homes that are on the market? Do you need to find a lender to get a pre approval? Well, I've got the site for you!

Feel free to use the search at the top of this page or click the button below to head on over to the home search page!


"Anthony was the best Realtor I ever dealt with, and I've purchased now 4 homes. He was very attentive to me & my husbands wants and needs in a house. He worked with us on the weekend and lined up a number of properties for us to view, and he kept at it until we found our dream home. About 3  weeks into the process we found our home. We encountered many rough patches along the way between our lender and attorney, but Anthony was always there to keep pushing everyone along. He went above and beyond what any other realtor would have done. In fact I consider him to be a new found friend and we plan to invite him over in the summer. I highly recommend him and wouldn't hesitate to use him in the future. 3 CHEERS TO ANTHONY RUPERTO"

-Cathy Brown

Tony was the ideal realtor, especially as first-time buyers who were clueless as to how the process worked. He thoroughly explained how to navigate every step (especially with the colorful curveballs of real estate), and answered every inane question I bombarded him with. I always knew that he was watching out for us, to make sure that we got the best and fairest deal that we could. Especially to LGBTQIA+ buyers, I cannot recommend him enough !! Aside from being so resourceful and supportive, he's just a really informed, efficient realtor who knows his business so well. BOOK TONY.

- Nico Marinaro

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