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What Kind of Home Can You Buy for $500,000 In Beacon, NY in 2022?

Thinking of buying a home in Beacon this year? You aren't alone! Beacon has become a hot spot for the local real estate market in the Hudson Valley. Sporting tons of local businesses, a small movie theatre, the DIA museum, and tons of things to do during the day, people are moving to Beacon in droves.

Let's take a look at what you can get if you've got a budget of $500,000 and looking to buy here.

Some recent sold properties in this price range:

3 beds

1 bath

1,387 square feet

Built in 1900

Average condition

Sold for $500,000

3 beds

2 baths

1,400 square feet

Built in 1970

Average condition

Sold for $510,000

3 beds

2 baths

1,350 square feet

Built in 1900

Needs updating

Sold for $515,000

3 beds

2 baths

1,440 square feet

Built in 1950

Updated good condition

Sold for $525,000

4 beds

2 baths

1,644 square feet

Built in 1935

Good condition

Sold for $540,000

2 beds

2 baths

1,374 square feet

Built in 1870

Full renovation

Sold for $560,000

If you'd like to see interior pictures of any of these places, just let me know, public facing websites remove interior photos when the listing sells. So, if you're looking in Beacon and have around 500K, you're going to get a roughly 3 bed, 2 bath home around 1,400 square feet that is in average condition. Things like location, architectural style and updates will also factor into this as well.

If you want to know what is currently on the market in Beacon in this range, just click this link. It will always be updated, so even if you're traversing this site in 3065, you can see if there are still any homes for sale in Beacon, NY (also hello from 2022, do you have flying puppies yet?)

Thanks for listening,

Anthony Ruperto

Team Lead | The Ally Team at J Philip Real Estate

Licensed RE Salesperson

522 N State Road, Suite 100,

Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510

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